About Us


Welcome, to the world of golden fiber. Jute guru is one of the leading and most reputed names in jute diversification industry in Bangladesh. You can always get the best jute from us.
There is a famous saying,

Great companies are built on great products. -Elon Musk

Jute guru also thinks alike. As for an introduction, we are the most dependable and reliable exporter of high quality raw jute and jute diversified products at a competitive price in the south-east part of Asia. Public awareness on environmental issues is one of the major concerns of the company apart from showcasing Bangladeshi Jute in the global arena.

Who we are?

We were founded as a sister concern of Mask associates (link) founded by Mr. S. B. Kader now an ICON in the Industry. It is one of the leading jute based company in south-east Asia. MASK has been proudly supplying globally the best quality of Jute made out of the best fibers of the world since 1982 and now MASK is a successful Global Brand. Jute guru tends to achieve the same or more by ensuring quality on a reasonable rate. To augment its position of strength the company envisages to implement anything that facilitate growth of the Jute sector.

What we do?

We are one of the most prominent and trustworthy exporter or supplier of jutes and jute made products. We are the manufacturer and wholesaler of raw jute as well as jute made products at a reasonable price. We can provide raw Tossa/Tosha jute, White jute, Meshta/Mesta jute, jute yarn, jute cloth, jute bags, jute rugs, jute rope, jute twine, jute fabric, carpet, burlap fabrics (Hessian, CBC) etc. in a bulk quantity anywhere in the world. We maintain an alluring business policy to facilitate our customer as well as employees and all other stake-holders. Transparent business scenario helps us being customer friendly and offer them with the best deals. We also offer our clients with easy payment modes to help them in. We are over concerned about our reputation in the global market and act accordingly. We have been operating with a motto to be industrial leader and offer our clients with best products available in the market.

Why us?

We collect best quality jute fibers and sisals from around the country and supply worldwide. Thus we have become a worthy competitor of renowned jute exporters in South Asia. We never compromise in case of color or strength of our products. We provide safe placement and supply of our orders. There is always a profound relationship among us and our customers. On the contrary price is reasonable. You will eventually understand it by judging the market if you have idea about jute quality. Our aim is to satisfy our customer by meeting their needs and challenges with our products and services. We have maintained our Local history and connections and offered enhanced service and flexibility through our association WORLDWIDE. Our greatest strength is our winsome policy and intellectual ingenuity among our employees and business advisors. Customer satisfaction is our main concern and we have managed ourselves ethically and we believe that THERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT MONEY CAN’T BUY.

Our mission

Jute is the future fiber of Bangladesh. It has a golden history. Bangladesh was the leading jute producer country. We are committed to return our golden history by increasing confidence of Jute farmer to produce large scale of raw jute.

Our vision:

Jute guru is the vendor with strong business policy and well integrated production facilities as well as creative & analytical capabilities which clearly sets us apart from most other South Asian jute vendors. Our vision is to gain market leadership in high value added Jute Products and dominate these markets,
-raw jute market
-jute bags
-jute apparel
-jute furnishers
-Industrial Jute Goods
-jute textiles

Our Commitment:

We are committed to ensure high quality product, customer satisfaction by offering our clients with easy payment modes to help them in.

Products at a glance:

Our product range includes from raw jute to any diversified products. We also promote Geo-textile, Jute webbing etc. Our company’s motto is quality first.
We have acquired unrivaled position in the market of jute diversified products for superior quality, exclusive design, attractive price and timely delivery which gives us competitive edge over our competitors. You can visit our product log section for a detailed knowledge about our products that we have already supplied to our customers. All we want to say is we can do anything and everything that can be done using jute. You name it and we will supply. Our capability of serving products includes, raw jute, sisal, jute rugs, yarn, twine, bags, show-piece, gift, fabrics, apparels, jute netting, rope etc.

Our Reputation:

Products offered by us are widely appreciated by our clients for their superior quality and durability. We offer our products in customized form as per the specifications of our clients. Competitive pricing of our products and their design patterns makes them a desirable product for everyone. We have always ensured customer satisfaction and so we have a profound reputation in the market. We have been in the business for a long period and we can proudly say like Tupac Shakur said,
“There’s nobody in the business strong enough to scare me.”