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Pioneers in Jute and Jute-Based Products from Bangladesh

We are veterans in the industry in Bangladesh, specialising in the export of high-quality jute and jute-based products from Bangladesh worldwide. This is a place where we share our knowledge and passion for the golden fibre.

Jute as a Social Business

With over thirty years of experience in the trade, we are passionate advocates of sustainable businesses that give back to the environment and community.

Jute workers carrying fibres to the market in bangladesh
Jute workers in the spinning factory
Jute workers in bangladesh

Our Business


Jute is a natural and environmentally friendly crop throughout its lifecycle, from seed to fibre. No part of the jute plant goes to waste, from the leaves to the fibres and the woody stalks. It is biodegradable and products can be recycled multiple times.

Green Business

In an age where environmental issues are at the forefront, jute is a green business that ensures the livelihood of countless communities in rural areas throughout the year. It is sustainable development at its best and a champion of social business models.

Quality Assured​​

We are fanatical about quality and environmental issues. Our work across the jute supply chain adheres to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 to demonstrate our commitment to outstanding quality, continuous improvement and the environment.

MASK Products

Our industry experience, along with our focus on quality, allows us to source and manufacture some of the finest products in the world.

jute products
Jute Products
Jute Bags
Jute Yarn

Jute Information

Learn about jute and the diverse ways in which this versatile natural resource impacts the lives of people all over the world. From farming and cultivation techniques to manufacturing, business, and social issues, we’ve got it covered.


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