Raw Jute: The Natural Source Fibre

We pride ourselves in trading in the finest-grade raw jute on the market.


Welcome to the world of raw jute, the humble yet powerful fibre that forms the foundation of sustainable textiles and eco-friendly products. At MASK Associates, we celebrate the raw beauty and versatility of jute, from its cultivation in lush fields to its transformation into a valuable material that powers a range of industries. Join us on a journey through the origins and potential of raw jute, where tradition, innovation, and sustainability converge.

raw jute being selected by spinners in the jute mill
Jute workers at the mills ensure that jute is carefully graded and selected prior to spinning.

Discovering Raw Jute

Step into the world of raw jute, where sturdy fibres emerge from the earth, ready to weave tales of sustainability and strength. Learn about the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of raw jute fibres, and witness their transformative journey from field to fabric. Regardless of the type of jute, MASK Associates ensures the highest quality fibres at all times as we are deeply involved in every step of the supply chain from farming through to manufacture. Our stringent quality control mechanisms ensure that only premium fibres make it through to market.

Types of Jute: Tossa, Mesta, White, and More

There are diverse varieties of jute, including Tossa, Mesta, White, and more, each with its own unique characteristics and applications. Of these, the three main types of interest in the jute trade are Mesta, Tossa and White Jute. Each of them is prized for their unique traits and preferred usage.

Mesta Jute: Known for its strength and durability, Mesta jute is a preferred choice for industrial and agricultural applications.
Tossa Jute: Silky and luxurious, Tossa jute adds a touch of elegance to textiles and fashion products.
White Jute: Soft, pliable, and eco-friendly, White jute offers a natural charm and versatility in various products.

From Jute Fibre to Jute Yarn: Spinning Tales of Strength and Style

Follow the journey of raw jute fibres as they are spun into strong and versatile yarns, paving the way for a wide range of textile products. The type of jute influences the quality of yarn produced, and each type is used in a diverse range of applications, from sacking and caddies to fabrics for consumer products. Explore the art of jute yarn production and discover how this essential phase transforms raw materials into functional and fashionable fabrics in the related pages on our site.

Embrace the Magic of Raw Jute with MASK Associates

At MASK Associates, we honour the legacy and potential of raw jute by curating a diverse range of products that showcase the beauty, sustainability, and versatility of this natural wonder. Explore our collection of jute textiles, bags, and accessories crafted with care and commitment to quality, and join us in embracing the transformative power of raw jute in your everyday life.

Regardless of the type of jute fibre that you need, our ISO 9001:2015 compliant standards ensure that we deal only with premium quality fibres, while ISO 14001:2015 guarantees that we deliver these to you in a sustainable manner.


Jute fibre, with its rugged beauty and sustainable spirit, serves as a beacon of eco-consciousness and creativity in the world of textiles and materials. From the fields to the looms, the journey of raw jute embodies the harmony between nature and industry, tradition and innovation. Join us at MASK Associates as we unveil the wonder of raw jute and invite you to experience a world where sustainability and style go hand in hand.

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